Sunday, June 14

The Kerang Busuk Smileee

kua, u made me do my kerang busuk smile last night on msn okay. and how'd you know that i was appearing offline?

"show yourself."

you're damn smart wei. i tried appearing offline so that i could have my peaceful hours of youtube-ing and feeding my servants on restaurant city. and there you were asking me to show myself. lol.

and we started with our monkey language. (kua, this is my turn to show the convo since you did it on your blog. hah!)

lol. i love my sentence of 'wokikakaka' inspired by 'wakijababab'. hehe.

and time passed by and we were practicing our monkey language.

people from jb are hilarious maybe. too bored with school holidays. so maybe came up with one idea to entertain people and self.

my night was awesome. i didn't feel that my day was screwed.

i'm easily entertained by people.