Monday, June 10

Working on It

hi there. this will be a quick one. i must say, i am pretty relaxed today. usually i will be back home with paper work and my nights just lost to work. some of my friends wonder, wow it must be nice working there. luxurious and glamourous. 

well, we are paid to go travelling and being able to claim 1 day off for reaching melaka on a sunday evening was something that I never expect. this job can be pampering but torturous at the same time! sometimes i feel like quitting, sometimes i dont. its a rollercoaster ride with my boss.

a little of what i do at work.. i go sales call and eventually, i am invited for a mother's day gathering. something that i thought was too much for me but then, a plus point, out of office!

my job is pretty flexible when i am out of office. not to say that i play around town but i manage my own time. lunch break is 2 hours for me. when i am nearby home, i go home and relax. 

but when a big group is checking in or wanting to have a look on the hotel, i go skabvgklgrebhqgiaeurvg. 

a part from doing sales call to gather business, i also handle and prepare events for corporates in the hotel such as meeting, convention, dinner, etc.

that's when i am exposed to different levels of individuals with higher, sometimes can be lower, mindset and thinking. 

what's next. sleep! 

Friday, April 12

Work Is

Round the clock.
Not fun.
Morning till night.
Brenda. (Somehow my clients change my name.)
When everybody is resting at home.

Work is now.

See you soon, JPO and Singapore.

Sunday, March 10


its been a week since i've been home. i say, life's here is actually better because of the food. heeee. western or fast food there is cheaper than chinese food. so yeah. when i came back, i whacked my mom's food and the regular hawker's food (that i find it jelak before i went over to sydney). they somehow tasted delicious!

so, five things about sydney that i missed. 
1. sydney tower. 

2. featherdale park (interacting with the animals was fun!)

3. harbour bridge and opera house (i use the harbour bridge daily by bus, but to see it from far, it stands in awe. that feeling when you're there.)

4. darling harbour! (submarines and war ship were on display in the morning.)

5. events management classmates. (i somehow missed them quite a bit. oh noesss!)

Tuesday, February 26

Oh Hi, Kangaroo!

from down under, i have officially get up close with the kangaroo! but so far, no kangaroo meat/burger i have found.

places of attraction tomorrow!

Saturday, February 23

Greetings from Down Under!

hello beautiful sunshine!

speaking of sunshine, its chilly here. it has been raining since morning. ah. heavenly. weather's summer but it's ascending to autumn soon! weather's like this all day long. even there's the sun there in the daytime but when the wind blows, u've got nowhere to run!

so far, it's been one week since im here already. time pass by so fast.

i went to the CNY Parade in the city last Sunday. It was awesome and so mind blasting at how great the parade here is. makes me appreciate the asian culture.

other than that, life's been a little bit more surprising in the ACEM class that i was taking for 4 days. an events management course. its approximately 1 hour away from the place i live in so i take bus down to the city everyday. the course just ended yesterday with wine and chips after the presenting of our certs.

 and i always arrive earlier! so i spend my time at the tram area behind the market city. or i'd spend my time going to the paddy's market underground the market city. will go again tomorrow! need to feast my eyes on pretty little things.

there's an asian market here too. this shop sells products that asian people uses in the kitchen. but unlike malaysia, they have this big ass meiji! so you know what i did. :D

however, i have no idea where am i going today. there are no plans for now yet. so lazy. i was happy to being able to wake up later than usual 5am!

Monday, January 28


Hello wonderful butterflies!

Its been long since i've last updated. Life's pretty mundane for me now. Havent been holding my pen to write for more than a month now. Whenever i step into the college premise, it seems like i'm seeing children. No offense. Heh.

But life for me now has been pretty much the same. Staring at the four walls. Applying jobs. Watching youtube. Browsing through facebook, instagram. I need the damn money and quit this lazy life. I even browsed through my photos and i saw a pic that i needed to edit. And there it is. A simple one for you, my family.

Just cant wait for next month. I'll be less lazy. Heh.

Thursday, January 3

Hello 2013!

hey beautiful people! its 2013 and what are your new year resolutions? i have many but towards the middle of the year, we all tend to forget about our new year resolutions. brushing it off, thinking it doesn't really matter by then. 

well, i've just settled down after a 4-day trip to bandung! it was amazing as ever as i could shop and drop like crazy after malls and factory outlets. pictures are so little taken due to the hand-less me while shopping in bandung. too much to carry. what do you expect. 

victoria secret clothing around rm30 plus? zara women jeans around rm63? massimo dutti dresses below rm80! 

we went shopping for 2 days straight. friday and saturday. but besides shopping, we went to the tangkuban parahu! it was my first time being able to see the crater from above. it was beautiful! but cold.

this was the fun-stage of my life before the year 2012 ended. now when 2013 begins, so must i begin searching and applying for jobs. D: oh god. time pass by pretty quick! 

my time to be able to enjoy the benefits of a students is slowly diminishing and dissolving. its over. *cries!!*

hello 2013. 

Sunday, December 9

Achievement Unlocked!

after sooooo long, now i have the time to update. i'm done with my studies on last thursday. damn great. why? last paper was moral. so now reminisce back to my first few days at college and to where i last stopped. it'll be a loooong post since i'm taking a break today from badminton. i'll come to that later. 

this was the summer party we had in school as part of the marketing course that my seniors had to do. it was by the pool. makan all you want and enjoy the blasting music. in fact, this was the day when i get to know more people from all races and nationalities. i was so hideous and chubby!! @@

one thing that is most significant in every year is a thing that we could celebrate many many times - birthdays! we celebrated here and there. even for the korean, we celebrated in a korean restaurant. damn thoughtful. only this year, i celebrated myself as all of my close ones are not around anymore. but these group of friends i have, they have good memory of birth dates! every one is not forgotten. even though mine was during the semester break, they celebrated earlier.

i hosted events too. with nothing in hand, i can just crap out of nowhere but still, im asked to host again and again. tiring but well, for the fun of it heh.

we have classes out of the school territory as well. we went to kl to visit the children for chemistry subject, which i do not see any relations to it until today, and to sushi king to learn how to make sushi. assignment purposes but fun! i wasn't dreadful to go for classes sometimes due to the fun i will get!

we have fun in classes too, of course. from building bear from dismantled pieces, to camwhoring in the science lab and dressing your partner with newspapers. its lame but at least, we did not use books and notes all the time! if you ask me, i can remember the fun things we did in class but not what i studied in class through paper and pen. we even had radio advertisement presentation, dancing with lecturer, eating etiquette, music appreciation by bringing your kualis and senduk to make music. my three and a half years ain't so wasted.

we hang out in between classes while waiting for another. and usually, we go to the old jusco. even the microwave can fascinate us. am i crazy at that time? hahaha fikiran budak yang berumur 19. we hang out really a lottt. we hang out in the room sometimes. just to relax, drink coffee, toilet and take a nap. my second home.

we even went to eddie's house, our IT guy from the college's management, for BBQ night. BBQ chicken, sausages, sweet potatoes and what-nots that we can find the supermarket and the BBQ the shit out of them. some of it really turned out delicious. some of them, i'd rather not eat because im afraid i'll get cancer at the end of the day because it was too burnt!

i had an american classmate, tom! he was so funny and was a great companion. he's the 'father' to all of us. yes, we played family in tertiary education stage. it must be crazyyyy!

the college had such an event called the Mr and Mrs PIC too. so lame but well, for assignments sake again. i remembered that we did not have food on our table, so we went to McD with this dress code. haha that's dora there beside me who used her shoes to photobomb the picture.

this is one CNY event that i was quite scared. the lion was so damn near and it was damn loud and noisy with the clanging of the cymbals and the drums. but it was my first time that i was able to watch them perform upclose. usually, i do not watch all these performances.

this was my most fun subject, advertising. a troy subject taught by dr o. we went to the local newspaper production site and also we made an advertisement for our assignment! no written assignment or whatsoever.

only at this stage of my life, i experienced vegetarian food because of my vegetarian friends i have. it was not that awful but it was edible. im alright with vegetables but i don't see myself eating vegetable only all my life. i will die due to starvation of meat. haha. does this even make sense?

this is one thing that i will never forget, travelling with my friends in indonesia during the summer break! oh god. why my hair looks perfect here? i want that hairrrr. :( but oh well, this trip was fun and am going again, with the family this time. and maybe another one next year. we'll see. it was fun at the tangkuban parahu, the ranch and jakarta shopping! if only i had all the money in the world like gwen stefani says. 

finally, all the graduation events and their night farewell makan. such a bliss to celebrate with them for their achievements so far. glad to able to share their happiness and relief for their great results. mine is coming soon! :D

looking back at the first few pictures i had during the first few days at college, i looked like a omplete nerd and dork! but thank god for cleo and youtube gurus that i have slowly improved on my appearance. hahaha. but i need my hair back. :'(

but ever since i was done with my studies, i kept falling down. argh! two days consecutively some more. embarrassed!! and in both days, i fell on my heels. hence, the broken foot, unfit for badminton, which is why im free!

so far, im not complaining besides my accidents. 21 yet fall down. omg. oh well, im enjoying my days so far. watching movies and dramas.

the freedom is here! but i shall not forget to begin on my resume. :x

till then, x