Monday, June 10

Working on It

hi there. this will be a quick one. i must say, i am pretty relaxed today. usually i will be back home with paper work and my nights just lost to work. some of my friends wonder, wow it must be nice working there. luxurious and glamourous. 

well, we are paid to go travelling and being able to claim 1 day off for reaching melaka on a sunday evening was something that I never expect. this job can be pampering but torturous at the same time! sometimes i feel like quitting, sometimes i dont. its a rollercoaster ride with my boss.

a little of what i do at work.. i go sales call and eventually, i am invited for a mother's day gathering. something that i thought was too much for me but then, a plus point, out of office!

my job is pretty flexible when i am out of office. not to say that i play around town but i manage my own time. lunch break is 2 hours for me. when i am nearby home, i go home and relax. 

but when a big group is checking in or wanting to have a look on the hotel, i go skabvgklgrebhqgiaeurvg. 

a part from doing sales call to gather business, i also handle and prepare events for corporates in the hotel such as meeting, convention, dinner, etc.

that's when i am exposed to different levels of individuals with higher, sometimes can be lower, mindset and thinking. 

what's next. sleep!